We don’t do generic health indices.

We know problems arise anywhere, from pests to harvesting.

That’s why CropHopper works safely all year round, even within crops allowing it to tackle every issue. Early stage weeds, mid-stage bugs, late stage yield predictions.

The new farming

Maps delivered every 2 days: densities and species of weeds or aphid, establishment rates of your plants, counting grains per head.

Giving you and your agronomist the data within your critical spraying action windows.

Hands free and safe

A 3kg machine, covering 70 to 100+ Hectares per day. Images taken just 50cm from the ground, meaning we see through the crop-canopy.

Easy to store, easy to use.

Real Impact

25% increase in yield from year one, by combining financial gains in crop protection savings, greater pest control, better management of fertilisers, establishment and harvest routes.

We know that by covering all the critical sections of cropping, we will constantly deliver. No matter what a given month throws at you.